We are the digital
ecosystem of Burgas

We are united 'digital society' with mission to create an efficient,
secure and transparent ecosystem that saves time and money.
ICT Cluster Burgas invites you to share the digital journey with us.


ICT Cluster - Burgas is actively working to promote, support and develop cooperation among all businesses, schools and governmental institutions in the field of information and communication technologies, to create favourable conditions for their development, to enhance their competitiveness at national and international level.
The main objective for which the cluster is working is to create an appropriate infrastructure with the appropriate number of qualified staff to attract serious interest from international companies to outsource and invest in the region.

How can ICT Cluster Burgas assist your business?

  • Business consultations and economic information about the city and the region

    The innovative online information and consultation tool will be in Bulgarian and English and will include an electronic database of companies in the region, an interactive web-based library with a variety of information about companies in the region, a specialized section for providing free online consultations, Investment in the region, a description of the tourist and cultural potential and attractions of the area, a section with up-to-date news, useful links, etc.

    The Online Consultation section will provide all users with the opportunity to receive prompt and accurate answers to inquiries, requests for information and advice from experts at Business Hub Burgas.

  • Help finding financial support

    Provide support for starting a real business and finding appropriate sources of funding, access to services, and mentoring for business development.
    Assistance in the search for employees and qualified specialists
    Consultancy, assistance, comprehensive information on employed and self-employed in the region, and providing an innovative online Employee Register platform, which provides feedback on employee performance by managers, employers and employees. The variety of viewpoints will allow you to understand what employees have contributed to your organization and will reveal areas for improvement that you should pay attention to.

  • Outsourcing Services - BPO and ITO

    We work in Europe's fastest growing place, but we also have access to talent from other Eastern European countries, we can easily hire professionals with different languages: English, German, French, Italian, Danish, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish. By choosing our resource-saving platform, you will be able to realize up to 30-50% cost savings compared to hiring and retaining a team. Our teams that work for you will be as strong as your internal employees. At the same time, you will benefit from the full control of your projects and the protection of your intellectual property. Unlike traditional outsourcing with our model, you will avoid the hidden costs associated with knowledge transfer, and you will achieve better project convergence.

  • Comprehensive information on office space and urban development

    Training related to the development of entrepreneurial, management and business knowledge and skills and development of business ideas and plans for management of independent business activities (specialized trainings).

  • Free services and advice

    Consultancy for the development of business ideas tailored to the individual wishes and skills of individuals. Jurisdiction and mentoring for the preparation of management of business activities, incl. To establish business contacts; Supporting access to business-friendly networks.

latest projects


VR Burgas - the virtual way to reach Burgas' soul

The city of Burgas - charming, romantic, magnetic, picturesque, artistic. Shy for the strangers and generous to all, who have felt the emotional rhythm of the Sea.

Burgas Viber Stickers

12 amazing city stickers published by the Municipality of Burgas with the valuable cooperation of the ICT Cluster-Burgas and Innovative Systems - Burgas Ltd. The creators of Burgas City Stickers are young designers, programmers, animators, photographers, people who love their city, united around the Burgas Municipality's project to tell about the City in an interesting and attractive way.