Three startup companies enter the ICT Cluster Burgas

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AYKULA Tech manages the R&D center in Bulgaria for Affinity Capital Exchange ( ACE ) - USA based fintech startup. Underpinned by the AYKULA Tech technology services, ACE will create the world’s first venue to enable the issuance and trading of Reserve Points - a new financial asset class backed by loyalty points economy and will introduce trading market mechanisms into the loyalty ecosystem. ACE  has entered into a strategic partnership with NASDAQ and JP Morgan, a global financial leader.


More information about AYKULA Tech:


Moxy Labs


We are a remote-first Bulgaria-based company specialized in solving business problems via software. Our engineers to a no lesser extent than others love beautiful code but we focus on delivering solutions that work. When others focus on why something is not possible – we prefer to focus on how to make it possible.


More information about Moxy Labs: 


Block Center 


Block Center is a Bulgarian startup specialized in the development of Blockchain technology for companies, guiding them towards digital transformation. We develop commercial solutions around new 4.0 technologies, especially Blockchain.


Among our services are consulting and innovation specifically tailored to each business. Currently we are working on different projects such as University Education, Tokenization, Supply Chain and a payment APP.


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