5 Advantages of BPO Services in Bulgaria

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Bulgaria, a country known as the treasure island of the Eastern Europe. Whether we’re talking about beach holidays, or web development outsourcing, the country has become a popular destination for thousands of Europeans.

It does seem like its geographical location offers the full package for both pleasure and business. But what made all of this possible?



Located right on the border between Europe and Asia, Bulgaria has been a key point for strategic international relations for centuries.

As an important link in the communication between the West and the East, the country witnessed the whole technological development first-hand. Thus, in the past two decades, it successfully raised a generation of open-minded and highly-educated professionals in the fields of computer sciences and web-development.



Since joining the European Union, Bulgaria has continuously proved its contemporary attitude towards development and business management.

Furthermore, the country can proudly call itself a startup paradise as it has been bringing to life some of the most successful startup projects in the past couple of years.

The motivation combined with strong business ethics turned Bulgarians into favorable partners for business relations and BPO.



With the increasing digitalization of the world, countries need to be prepared to go digital in their businesses. Bulgaria has a wide availability of the latest technologies which businesses are willing to adopt easily.

Notably ranked in the top 20 countries with the fastest internet speed in the world, Bulgaria’s web and mobile development surpass that of many Western countries. That makes the country a top destination for outsourcing company tasks.

As we’ve illustrated the hype around the country is not groundless at all and it seriously deserves your attention when looking for outsourcing opportunities.

If you’re looking for a partner from the region, we - from ICTC Burgas, can connect any business looking for outsourcing opportunities with the appropriate local company and guarantee its efficiency and premium quality.

So, what are the top 5 advantages of BPO services offered in the country?


1. Web Development BPO Solutions

We couldn’t not start with this. While there are dozens of factors affecting the quality of the BPO Solution you receive when outsourcing web development tasks, one of the most important one is the location. And Bulgaria is a location to dream of when it comes to web development.

Here are some interesting web development rankings by HackerRank. Bulgarian web developers were ranked:

  • 12th in the world for the best web developers out there
  • 2nd for Java development
  • 3rd for Python development

Their world-wide recognition is due to the many successful BPO solutions implemented in Bulgaria lately. Web development has become huge here and its popularity is spreading fast across the country.


2. BPO Industry Is In Its Heydey

It’s not much different when it comes to software development either. With Software Engineering turning into one of the most popular university programs in the country, each year plenty of professionals start contributing to the global BPO industry. With a talent pool of about 20,000 software engineers in the country, the local input in the field is quite significant.

From junior to senior developers, the experts embrace complex projects and turn them into a child’s play. Another great advantage of the local developers is the cost-efficiency of the service. The prices you’ll pay to a mid-level software developer here is about twice lower than the costs of developing software onshore.


3. Leading Payroll BPO Services

As we’ve previously said, payroll BPO services needs to be done after a careful environmental research. Analyzing the local conditions for Payroll BPO services only proves that Bulgaria offers some of the most secure and tailored BPO solutions in the field.

Accuracy and timeliness are the main priorities of any payroll task and achieving them is essential in order for it to be successful. Without in-house trusted personnel, you need to find a company that guarantees an open payroll processing. Another key point you can trust the local companies with is the security of your data. Frequent data backups are an essential when choosing the right BPO company for your needs.


4. Secure Accounting BPO Companies

Financial operations are the next process to be careful with when delegating to external parties. First and foremost, finding experienced accountant BPO companies with the right set of skills can bring some troubles.

Fortunately, the Eastern European region developed a greatly satisfactory bookkeeping tradition providing both the security and expertise the process requires. Outsourcing your company financial statements, bank account operations, and financial data analysis to Bulgaria gives you the much-needed flexibility. That’s because you can work with the companies only when you need them, thus cutting your expenses in half.


5. Culturally Relevant BPO Solutions

One of the most important qualities of a recruitment process BPO company is the cultural affinity of the employees. This means that in order to have the right people recruited into your company processes, the recruiters themselves need to be aware of your cultural background and business values.

The mentality proximity is something that takes a major role both in the recruiting process and in the recruitment advertisement creation. That’s why companies have continuously preferred outsourcing their recruitment processes to Bulgaria as it provides that much-needed social communication aspect without the nightmarish expenses of the onshore alternative.




New is always better, as people like to say. Bulgaria is a breath of fresh air with its groundbreaking jump in the technological and accounting fields. Companies from all around the world have trusted the local professional BPO solutions for years and the results that were achieved proved that the country has a great contribution to the global market.

Burgas is the city which caught the wave of BPO services right on time and can now proudly call itself the tech capital of the country. We, from ICT Cluster Burgas, have created a strong communication web of the best professionals in the city.


The universities located here have a huge contribution by offering numerous programs in the fields of computer sciences and software engineering. Through that, the city educates and raises experts ready to join the market with their mastered skills and fresh point of view.

ICT Cluster Burgas is proud and thankful for the opportunity to work with talented web developers, HR specialists and accountants, passionate about their work. We guarantee the quality and professionalism of each and every person in our network by careful curation when connecting them with your business.