About Burgas


Burgas is important industrial, trade, transport and tourist centre. Some of the industries of the region are unique and determinant for the country economy like oil production, chemical products,plastic production and other chemical products, ship building, air ventilating and purifying equipment, fish industry etc.



The long term credit rating of Burgas is BBB stable perspective. 16 083 companies registered in Burgas. The companies in the private sector are concentrated mainly in industry, building, transport and commerce. The economy is diverse which makes the region economy leader. The unemployment rate is 4.2% comparing to 9.2% for Bulgaria.

  • 51% - trade
  • 23% - services
  • 13,5% - industry
  • 8% - transport
  • 4,5% - others

Burgas Municipality has recently provided a fast and convenient internet access that provides useful information that is needed to start a business in Burgas.

The information provided is divided into the following categories:

  • Basic Economic Activities
  • Types of enterprises
  • Business Registration, Management and Financing
  • Electronic Administrative Services Portal
  • Public Procurement Register
  • Concession register
  • European Integration Opportunities
  • Security